Door To Door Distribution

Solus Leaflet Distribution Service

​​Door To Door Distribution Is One Of The Most Effective Targeted Marketing Solutions For
Any Business

An Individual Bespoke Delivery Service – Whenever And Wherever You Want It. There Are No Other Delivered Items To Compete For Attention


Selecting The customers You Want To Reach With Distribution To Pre Targeted Households

Delivery On The Day You Specify With No Pre determined Delivery Date Or Time

Distributing Any Size Or Weight Of Item You Wish To Send From A Single A5 Leaflet To Large Heavyweight Catalogues

Although More Expensive Than Multi Drop Leaflet Distribution Solo Guarantees You Will Be The Only Client Whose Leaflets We Deliver In That Area On A Specific Day

A Distribution Team Can Be As Small As One Operative Or As Large As A Team Of 20 Able To Cover Full Required Locations In One Day. As The Drop Is Tailor Made To Meet Your Specific Needs, Dates And Times Can Be Pre-Arranged With Your Distribution Manager.

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Solus Leaflet Distribution Service

Shared Plan is based on up to 4 non-competing leaflets being delivered to specially designed designated leaflet distribution zone of your choice at any single time. This is ideal for large scale door drops where quality and coverage need to be combined with economy.

This service offers a reduced cost option to distribute your marketing message to potential customers. Although not as flexible as Solus in terms of timing as it depends on other leaflets going to the same area, the Shared Plan option offers an effective method of broadcasting your marketing message to potential customers and being able to stay within a budget.

We offer a non-competitive approach to shared distribution so you can be sure that your leaflet is not competing with others, and will be delivered with a maximum of three others.

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